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Domain Propagation is a term used to describe a process that takes place when a domainname is being pointed to another server or hosting account by Domain Name Servers (DNS).  It can take up to 48 hours for a domain name to porpagate making it now viewable by the World Wide Web.

Here is an explanation by scenario:

  • You are currently hosting your account at Provider A and want to move to Provider B. 
  • You will make sure that your account is fully functional on Provider B's system before you decide to redirect your domain name. 
  • You can preview your new account through using the following address ("username" is the cPanel username you were assigned)

You redirect your domain name by changing the DNS of your domain to Provider B.  It can take up to 48 hours for your domain name to propagate which means that when the process is completed will become transparent and your domain will be resolved at Provider B. 

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