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Below are some exaplanations of the items you will see when creating new content (or pages).

Content Type

  • Section Header
    A section header will seperate your content in sections so that you can categorize your information and make it easy for your visitors to find information.  A section header is not a link.
  • Content (Default)
    Content will be used in 99% of the cases.  This option will create a page with text, images, and anything you want on your page
  • External Link
    This will create a link to another website.  You can choose to have it open in a new window, etc.
  • Internal Page Link
    This will create a link internally, or on YOUR website.  Used most often to redirtect to a page instead of duplicating a page.
  • Separator
    A separator will add extra space between two menu items. Used most often just before creating a Section Header


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