The Inyerface website process was designed for the busy professional who requires a website yesterday.

  1. It all begins with an introduction.
    After our first consultation you will know if Inyerface is right for you and your business. We'll want to know a little about your company and we will offer some quick solutions for you to take in to consideration
  2. You select Inyerface and we draw up the agreement
    Once you've selected Inyerface Designs for your website project, we will draw up an agreement that confirms the price agreed on and the work to be performed, as well as the work schedule. We believe the agreement serves us both and keeps us focused on the same outcome.
  3. In a matter of days you can review your website
    In 5-7 business days, your website is ready for you to see. We invite you to provide feedback and suggestions that can help with the design and layout of the website.
  4. It's time to add your content
    During the website review, you will have access to the administration tool which allows you to easily add and edit your pages. The design is completely separate from the content so it will never interfere.  Additional services are also available if you wish for Inyerface to add content for you.
  5. Now it's time for accessibility testing
    Inyerface will always ensure that your website is XHTML compliant and that your website looks and works the same on all platforms and in all major web browsers. So whether your customer use a PC or a MAC, or Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari, your website will be the same
  6. Finally, we're ready to go live!
    Now that everything is in place with your website we can make the changes necessary so that your customers can see and visit your website. That was easy - too bad we can't trademark that one!

Would you like to hear it from us?

Request a call or submit your inquiry to one of our sales representatives and we will be happy to answer any and all the questions you have.

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